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Remote “off-grid” businesses using fuel fired generators have found battery/inverter systems increase reliability while lowering fuel consumption and operating costs.

Adding solar and/or wind power to an off-grid site is usually cost effective. Most off grid sites have high fuel costs that can be offset using Renewable Energy (RE). The addition of RE to a generator/battery/inverter system:

- lowers fuel consumption
- lowers generator maintenance costs
- extends generator life and
- increases system reliability.


On-grid businesses can also benefit from generating their own power. Utility buy-back programs such as SNAP pay producers for the power they generate and send to the grid. Such programs as well as federal tax credits encourage businesses to produce their own renewable energy.

Good Business

Installing RE on your property is just good business. Companies investing in clean energy are seen as good corporate citizens by their clients. RE on your business communicates publicly your concern for the environment as well as your willingness to act and do something about it.


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