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Rural Homeowners

Rural homeowners frequently turn to renewable energy to supply power for their homes. Solar and/or wind power systems  with generator back up work well for the great majority of our clients. When using solar panels and/or wind turbines to produce power, the features of the site are of utmost importance:

A site with a steady resource of wind could be ideal for a wind turbine as long as there is someone available to perform regular maintenance and inspections of the equipment. Tower height is critical to system performance. A rule of thumb is you want the turbine blades to be 30' above anything within 300' of the tower.

The best solar sites have unobstructed solar access (no shading) and face true south. That is the ideal, however the reality is that most people live where there's good sun some of the time, on some of the property. This is why getting a site survey done before you purchase any equipment is so important. You obviously want to install your solar modules where they will do the most good. A thorough site survey will help you make the right decision for your site and budget.

Homeowners using generators for power have found that adding a properly designed and installed battery/inverter system increases system reliability while greatly lowering fuel consumption and operating costs.

Urban Homeowners

Homeowners who have access to the power grid can take advantage of the additional efficiency of renewable energy systems with no batteries. Utility buy-back programs such as SNAP actually pay producers for the power generated to the grid. Such programs allow homeowners to produce their own clean, renewable energy and contribute their power to the grid. However, in most cases, the power produced in such programs usually go up the utility pole and back into your home for immediate use, as the energy demand to the grid is to the nearest load (usually, your home). Batteryless grid-tied systems, however, do not generate power when power is not sensed in the grid. In short, when the grid loses power, so do you.

Despite the efficiency gain of a batteryless grid-tied system, some homeowners prefer a battery backup, and such systems are possible. Such systems would enable some critical loads to be supplied power when the grid power is not available. Feel free to contact us regarding your needs for a grid-tied system.


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